DID Brazil

Largest coverage of local numbers in Brazil

Largest VoIP Coverage in Brazil

We have coverage in the 26 Brazilian states and the federal district. You can choose your virtual number from over 1000 cities in Brazil.

Port in DID Brazil for free

Need to keep the current DID Brazil but want to enjoy the features that only Nvoip gives you?
You can portin Brazil DID to Nvoip for free.

Get your call on your computer, mobile phone, IP phone, landline or direct to your IP PBX.

You choose where you want to receive calls

DID Brazil

Choose from over 1000 cities and still get 20% off by paying annually.


DID Number Brazil

Any region, a single price per number.
BRL 25 monthly
  • 5 simultaneous calls
  • Activation Fee: BRL25.00

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Best Rates CLI and ITX to Brazil.


Add credits to your account to call worldwide. The more credits you enter, the cheaper the call is.

DID Brazil

Receive calls from all over the world through our virtual numbers.

DID Brazil

Have local virtual numbers from over 8000 locations worldwide. We are the leader coverage area on Brazil.

Frequently Asked Questions

To perform numeric portability (portin) to Nvoip you must send us the documents that prove the ownership of the number (CNPJ / CPF and last invoice or account), as well as a document authorizing us to request such portability. After that, we will make a feasibility consultation and if everything is correct, from 5 to 10 business days the number will be ported. Contact our team for more information.

Yes. We do not charge you any fees to make your current carrier number portability to Nvoip, regardless of whether it is conventional or VoIP telephony. You only pay the relevant plan amounts. There is also no minimum period to stay with us after a portability. You can cancel or go to another carrier at any time.

Yes. The activation fee is equal to the value of a monthly fee. The activation fee is paid only once in the first month. However, in the annual plan, in addition to the 20% discount, you do not pay the activation number of the virtual number.

To receive more than 5 concurrents calls you will contract a package of 5 additional channels, which cost the same price as a virtual number monthly fee. This package needs to be paid monthly.