Who is Nvoip?

More than a Communication Voice and Text Platform, we are people who believe in efficient and transparent communication.

The Founders

Leandro Campos - CEO da Nvoip

Leandro Campos – CEO

Irina Campos - COO da Nvoip

Irina Campos – COO

The Team

Foto do Time da Nvoip em 1103220

A company that cares about who serves you

First of all, we are people. We don’t like 100% automated attendance, the so-called robots or bots.

We want to talk, listen and solve your problem.

For that we need a brilliant team. To have a brilliant team you must know how to differentiate each individual and provide a harmonious and challenging environment.

From the Brazil to the World

Nvoip is Made in Brazil. Us headquarters is located in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


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