Integrate Nvoip's resources with your system.


Make calls directly from your software

With our API, you can integrate Nvoip into various software, allowing you to make or receive calls directly from them.


Enhance security with OTP or 2FA.

Your system authentication becomes more secure with OTP (One Time Password) or 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

Use SMS, calls, or email to authenticate your users.

Notify your customers

Notify your customers via SMS, Whatsapp or voice messages. Automate billing tasks, reminders, or take marketing actions.


Compatible with any language

The Nvoip API is compatible with any language. You can integrate it with systems developed in Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, among many others.

Plans with integrated voice, chat, and Whatsapp.

See use cases where the Nvoip API can help your company

Integration with CRM

Make calls from within your CRM platform and have real-time call information within your CRM.

Confirmation of registrations.

Send customer registration confirmations simply and securely with SMS or Voice Messages.

API SMS e Voz para cobranças e faturas


Send invoices or bills to your customers with barcodes or payment links.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. To use Nvoip’s API, you don’t pay anything beyond the voice, Whatsapp, and SMS resources you use. For example, if you make calls through your app, you only pay for the call you make, just as if you were using our webphone.

Yes, our SMS and Voice APIs are designed to work with any programming language. You can send requests and receive responses using your preferred language.

Access our platform by clicking here and go to Settings > API.

Absolutely. Once you sign up and verify your phone number, you’ll get $5 credit to make calls. As for testing SMS sending, you can purchase credits separately and try it out.

Yes, we have a repository on GitHub with ready-to-use codes developed by our team and also codes developed by the community to facilitate the use of our API in your application. Click here to view our repository.

Yes, it would be an honor to have a new member contributing to the integration codes of our API with other systems. Feel free to discuss and improve our public repository.

Yes. For security reasons, we have some usage limitations to prevent API attacks and also to avoid system overload caused by poor programming. Please contact our team to learn more about the limits of your account.

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