Enhance your communication capabilities by integrating Nvoip with 3CX, the PBX system that improves the efficiency and quality of your phone calls.

Overview of 3CX Integration

3CX is a software-based phone system, offering intuitive video conferencing, efficient customer chat, and mobile-friendly office extensions. Ideal for remote work, it provides calls, messages, and meetings from anywhere. Easy to install and manage, it stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in communication, converting visitors into leads and enhancing the customer experience. Therefore, it´s a complete solution for direct and integrated communication.

Advantages of Integrating Nvoip with 3CX

The integration of Nvoip with 3CX delivers an enhanced experience in communication management, enriching the functionalities of 3CX.

  1. Utilization of Nvoip Premium Routes: The integration allows leveraging Nvoip’s premium routes for making and receiving calls. This provides superior call quality and a more reliable communication experience, crucial for businesses aiming to enhance the quality of interactions with customers and partners.
  2. Efficient Call Management: The integration between Nvoip and 3CX facilitates efficient call management, as users can rely on advanced features. These include real-time monitoring, detailed reports, and other tools that contribute to more precise and transparent administration of telephone communications.
  3. Customization of Customer Service: The integration offers the possibility to customize customer service by optimizing call routing settings, providing a more tailored experience to the specific needs of the company. This contributes to more agile communication adapted to the demands of each customer.
  4. CRM Data Synchronization: If desired, the integration can include data synchronization with the CRM, enriching the information available during calls. This functionality is valuable for sales and customer service teams seeking a more contextualized approach in their interactions.

By integrating Nvoip with 3CX, your company will have access to a more robust telephone communication system with advanced management and customization features.

This integration is ideal for organizations looking to enhance call quality and explore additional functionalities to optimize business communication.




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