Fortify your business communications by connecting Nvoip with Issabel and customize your business communication tools.

Overview of Issabel Integration

Issabel is a centralized telephony system for businesses, combining phone lines and local extensions to facilitate internal and external communication. Operating as a PBX, it integrates both voice and video calls, chat, and voicemail into a single platform. Additionally, it optimizes phone operations, providing efficiency in communication and streamlined collaboration. Your team benefits from a comprehensive solution, resulting in increased connectivity and productivity.

Advantages of Integrating Nvoip with Asterisk

This combination provides advantages that take your communications to a new level, such as:

  1. Trunk Unification with a Single Extension: The integration ensures communication efficiency, allowing your team to maintain a seamless flow of interactions. This simplifies operations by using a single extension to manage multiple trunks simultaneously.
  2. Smart Routing with Nvoip Telephony Routes: The integration leverages the intelligence of Nvoip’s telephony routes. Enhanced routing directs calls effectively, providing greater control over your communications and ensuring an enhanced experience for your customers.
  3. Systematic and Straightforward Integration: The integration also offers exceptional ease in incorporating into your existing systems. This way, you can make the most of the functionalities of both platforms without operational difficulties.
  4. Specialized Support for Peace of Mind: Rely on qualified Nvoip support when integrating with Issabel PBX. This ensures that any challenges are quickly addressed, allowing you to maintain a reliable and efficient communication environment.

Integrating Nvoip and Issabel ensures a robust and versatile solution. This combination not only provides the advantages of a PBX but also an enhanced and unified communication experience, essential for boosting your operational efficiency and delivering excellent customer service.




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