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Programa de afiliados Nvoip

Affiliate Program

Have you ever considered earning money by recommending Nvoip to other businesses?

With our Affiliate Program, you can earn fixed and recurring commissions for each new customer you refer. Become an affiliate today and start enjoying the benefits!

Benefits for Nvoip Affiliates


Recurring Commissions from the 2nd level


Increase your company's revenue or become a full-time Authorized Agent

Negotiation, customer service, and support are on us

conversão de dinheiro

Convert commissions into credits on your dashboard or receive cash directly to your bank account

subir de nível

Level up and increase your earnings at each level.

Explore the Affiliate Plans.

Every quarter, you can level up and earn a higher percentage of commission for your referrals.

Commission rates can go up to 50%.

Starting from the Silver Level, commissions are also recurring!

Nível diamante tier afiliado
Diamond Level
Nível platina tier afiliado
Platinum Level
Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level

How does the Nvoip Affiliate Program work?

clientes ativos nvoip

To become an affiliate, you need to be an active Nvoip customer, meaning you must have some active service on your dashboard.


The referred customer must use your affiliate URL when creating their Nvoip account. You can invite them directly through the dashboard or send them your affiliate URL.

Once they confirm their account, you are already eligible to earn commissions.

receber dinheiro comissão afiliados

If they make a purchase within the next 90 days, they become active, and you start receiving commissions.

Create your account now and become an Nvoip Affiliate today

Frequently Asked Questions of Partnership

In the Affiliate Program, you refer businesses to Nvoip and receive recurring commissions. Sales, customer service, support, finance, taxes, and other administrative tasks are handled by Nvoip.
In Reselling, you buy and resell Nvoip, setting your own profit margin. You handle the entire operational and financial process.

Yes. Any company can be an Nvoip Affiliate. However, to receive cash payments, it needs to issue an NFS-e and have one of the following CNAEs in its CNPJ: 4619-2/00, 7490-1/04, and 7319-0/02.

Yes. You can keep your registration as a reseller and be an Nvoip affiliate, as long as you comply with the terms of the Affiliate Program.

You can make referrals through the link provided on the Nvoip dashboard or through the platform itself.

No. Only clients who come through your affiliate link or invitation through the platform are considered to calculate your commissions.

At the moment, resellers can only offer Virtual Number and outbound calling solutions.

No. You can only refer third parties to become Nvoip clients.

No. Since the referral is counted for a new registration on the platform through your affiliate link, companies that already have an account do not generate commissions.

Yes. Every affiliate needs to have an account and be an active client (have at least one active product) to be an affiliate.”