Optimize your customer relationship management by integrating Nvoip with Piperun CRM, providing a comprehensive solution for sales and customer service strategies.

Overview of PipeRun Integration

Piperun is a CRM designed to boost sales by centralizing lead management, sales, post-sales, and WhatsApp in a single platform. With a visual Sales Funnel, simplified online proposals, digitally signed contracts, and efficient automations, Piperun provides a comprehensive solution. An intuitive and user-friendly CRM organizes tasks, standardizes sales information, and streamlines proposal delivery with email interaction tracking. Therefore, it’s a comprehensive tool to enhance the efficiency of sales teams.

Advantages of Integrating Nvoip with PipeRun

The strategic integration between Nvoip and Piperun offers a range of advantages to optimize communication and customer relationship management (CRM):

  1. Make Calls Directly through Piperun: The integration allows making calls directly from the CRM, eliminating the need for softphones or dialing numbers on the IP phone. This streamlined approach speeds up interactions and enhances the efficiency of the sales team.
  2. Automatic Recording Log: Calls are automatically recorded, including the duration and time of each contact, in the lead’s history or activity. These detailed data points are crucial for evaluating the quality of interactions and provide valuable insights to refine sales strategies.
  3. Real-time Information Updates: The integration keeps CRM and Nvoip information synchronized in real-time. This ensures that the team has access to the latest information during interactions.
  4. Detailed Interaction Records: In addition to call management, the integration records specific details of each interaction. This provides a comprehensive and accurate history of all communications with leads. This is crucial for evaluating performance and refining sales strategies.

The integration between Nvoip and Piperun provides a powerful solution for sales teams, as it combines the efficiency of customer relationship management with the ease of communication. Therefore, this integration becomes ideal for companies aiming to centralize their sales operations and maintain a detailed record of customer interactions. This way, you have all essential information in one platform.




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