Combine CRM and marketing automation on a single platform by integrating Nvoip with Atendare, boosting your team's revenue.

Overview of Atendare Integration

Atendare is a comprehensive CRM that simplifies lead, proposal, and customer management. By integrating CRM and marketing automation, it boosts efficiency across the team to multiply revenue. With features such as quick proposal issuance, sales automation, lead generation and nurturing, and sales funnel management, Atendare facilitates making informed decisions. Available as an application accessible on various devices, it is ideal for closing more sales in real-time and maintaining control over all activities.

Advantages of Integrating Nvoip with Atendare

The strategic integration between Nvoip and Atendare offers significant benefits to enhance communication and customer relationship management (CRM):

  1. Make Calls Directly from the CRM: The integration allows making calls with a simple click directly from the CRM. Thus, there is no need to open a softphone or dial the number on the IP phone. This convenience streamlines the communication process, providing more efficiency for sales representatives.
  2. Recording of Calls and Activity Logging: The integration automatically records calls, including the duration and time of contact in the lead’s history or corresponding activity. This ensures precise analysis of interactions, assisting in understanding the lead’s history and personalizing future approaches.
  3. Integrated Call Management in the CRM: Call management is fully integrated into the CRM, simplifying the tracking of interactions. This provides sales representatives with a contextualized view of the lead, making it easier to comprehend the history and contribute to a more strategic approach.

The integration between Nvoip and Atendare offers an effective fusion of communication and relationship management tools, creating a robust solution for sales teams. With these integrated functionalities, you have the necessary tools to optimize the sales process, maintain detailed records of interactions, and provide personalized customer service, all directly from Atendare.

This integration is ideal for companies looking to elevate workflow efficiency and strengthen customer relationships by centralizing all essential information in a single platform.




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