Desk Manager

Impulsione a eficiência operacional dos clientes por meio de soluções abrangentes integrando a Nvoip ao Desk Manager, uma plataforma brasileira de ESM.

Overview of Desk Manager Integration

The Desk Manager is a Brazilian Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform that simplifies management and operations to increase the operational efficiency of clients. It allows you to integrate your business with leading solutions in various segments, including advanced tools in BI, internal and external communication, finance, among others. The platform is characterized by flexible, secure, and user-friendly processes, thus providing efficient management and streamlined operations for your entire team.

Advantages of Integrating Nvoip with Desk Manager

The integration between Nvoip and Desk Manager optimizes active communication with customers, bringing benefits to call management and customer service:

  1. Making Calls Directly from Help Desk: You can make calls directly from the platform. This eliminates the need to dial numbers in softphones or IP phones, making active contact more efficient and integrated.
  2. Access to Call Recordings: Access to the recordings of all calls made offers simplified management of customer service. This feature is useful for monitoring the interaction process with customers, allowing for a detailed analysis of conversations. This contributes to improving the quality of service and ensuring a consistent experience.
  3. Ease of Tracking the Process: Listening to broadcasts, when making multiple calls to a customer throughout the ticket cycle, facilitates process tracking. This provides a more comprehensive view of interactions, allowing for a thorough analysis and contributing to more effective customer relationship management.
  4. Integration for a Complete Experience: This integration provides a complete experience, combining communication and service tools. This union creates synergy between features, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring a more integrated and intelligent management of phone interactions.

By integrating Nvoip with Desk Manager, your team will have advanced tools at their disposal to enhance customer service, ensuring efficient communication and streamlined management of phone interactions.

This integration is ideal for companies looking to maximize the effectiveness of their customer service and provide a high-quality experience to their customers.


Desk Manager


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