Gain scale in your company's customer service with a National Number.


Free calls for your customers, more sales for your company.

People prefer to call companies that offer toll-free or local calls. And having a national number available makes your brand appear more reliable.


Choose between an 0800 or 4003. Or use both.

With the 0800 number, you assume 100% of the call costs. That means the call is 100% free for your customer.

With the 4003 number, your customer pays the cost of a local call, regardless of which Brazilian city they are in.

Faça a portabilidade do seu número gratuitamente

Free Portability

Do you want to have all the features that only Nvoip offers and still keep your current number? Port your toll-free number to Nvoip for free.


Choose how to receive your calls.

Use our platform to receive calls and answer them through the browser or integrate it with your current telephony infrastructure.


Do you want to have a national number from another country?

You can have a national number from other countries. Outside of Brazil, national numbers are called TollFree (0800 number) and Shared Cost (4003 number).


Plans with integrated Voice, Chat and Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions

To carry out the number portability of the number 0800 to Nvoip, it is necessary that you send us the documents that prove the ownership of the number (CNPJ / CPF and last invoice or account), as well as a document that authorizes us to request this portability. After that, we will make a feasibility consultation and if everything is correct, from 5 to 10 business days the number will be ported.
Please contact our team for more information.
We don’t currently port the number 4003.

Yes. We do not charge any fees to perform number 0800 number portability from your current carrier to Nvoip, regardless of whether it is conventional telephony or VoIP telephony. You only pay the related amounts of the plan. There is also no minimum period to stay with us after a portability. You can cancel or go to another carrier at any time.

In some cases, we were unable to perform number portability of the 0800 number due to problems with the originating carrier. Our team will guide you how to proceed in each case.

Yes. The activation fee of the number 0800 and the number 4003 is R$99.00, regardless of the contracted plan.

Yes. At number 0800 and number 4003 you pay to receive the calls. Rates are according to the chosen plan. The higher the value of the plan, the lower the amount you pay in the rate. In the number 0800, the fare is differentiated only between fixed and mobile, regardless of the city of origin of the connection. In the number 4003 there is no difference, you pay a single rate, both for fixed and mobile.

No. The cost is per minute and equal for the entire national territory. The only difference is the price for mobile and fixed in the number 0800, which are different. At number 4003 the amount is fixed regardless of whether the customer calls from a fixed or mobile number.

Yes. We can direct calls to your current telephony, landline or mobile phone system. Just remember that you will also pay for the call to your conventional phone, but if you use an IP PBX, in clouds or local, you can direct the calls of 0800 and 4003 without paying the call to your phone, through the configuration of the user in the system.

The monthly fee is 100% converted into credits for you to receive calls. The activation value is not converted.

Both 0800 and 4003 allow unlimited simultaneous calls, as long as you have enough credits to receive the calls. By default, when purchasing your number, it will come with 100 simultaneous calls, but there is no additional cost to increase. To increase this number, please contact our team.

After creating your account, you can contact our support team who will guide you how to set up your equipment. In some cases, we make remote connections to set up for you. If you want, you can also visit our knowledge base and download the manuals for your equipment.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no commitment. Just contact our team and request the cancellation. After canceling, the number remains active until the end of the contracted period. In the case of migration, it is done after the payment for migration is compensated.

If you miss a payment up to 5 days, your number will continue to receive calls normally. From the 6th day on, you will stop receiving calls. After the 11th day, the number is automatically canceled and you lose the right to the number, in addition to having to contract again, including the activation fee.

No, it’s not possible to pay the monthly fee for 0800 or 4003 with credits from your account. The credits are for receiving calls from 0800 and 4003 numbers and for making calls.

Yes. The credits to make calls are the same as for receiving calls. However, the rates are different. To see the rates for making calls, click here click here.

Yes, you can. In case you are not satisfied with our service, you can port your number to another carrier. In this case, you must request the portability from the destination carrier. Remember that it’s only possible to port the number if you have your monthly payment up to date until the porting date.

If you cancel your 0800 or 4003 number, your balance will remain so you can make calls.


Are payments prepaid, meaning that you pay before using the service? Subscriptions can be paid by bank slip or credit card.

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