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Pra quem nunca utilizou uma ferramente de atendimento omnichannel.
  • Máximo 3 Agentes
  • Chat Interno
  • Chat Atendimento
  • URA Telefonia Básica


Pra quem tem uma equipe enxuta e precisa gerenciar melhor seu atendimento e vendas.
R$ 59 por agente/mês, faturado anualmente.
  • Plano Free +
  • Whatsapp API
  • Chatbot
  • URA Telefonia Avançada
  • Gravação das ligações
  • Métricas Básicas
25% OFF


Pra quem quer mais controle, insight e automações sobre sua operação.
R$ 79 por agente/mês, faturado anualmente.
  • Plano Basic +
  • Métricas Ilimitadas
  • 5 anos de histórico
  • 5 anos de gravações
  • Relatórios Ilimitados
27% OFF

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Real-time Reports, Metrics, and Insights

A dashboard with a 360º view of your service, support and sales operation.

Track the performance of each branch, department, sub-department, and employee.


Extensions to improve the service of your team

More than 93 features such as integrations with CRMs, phone numbers and plugins to further improve the service and sales operation of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions about plans

No. In Basic and Pro plans there is no activation fee. Because the Free plan is free, there is also no charge for any activation amount. If you wish, you can hire Onboarding in Basic and Pro plans to have personalized monitoring of our team in the configuration of the system.

Yes. But only Basic users will be treated as agents. Only agents can serve customers on IVR or Chat.

In this case you will have to migrate your subscription to the Basic or Pro plan, in view of the limitation of 3 agents in the Free plan.

In this case, you will have to hire 2 Basic or Pro users, according to the resources you need.

All plans are prepaid and you can cancel or migrate your subscription at any time.

Yes. You need to purchase credits in order to make calls or receive calls through a national number.
To receive calls through a local number, you only need to purchase a number extension and pay for activation and monthly fees.

No. The integration with Whatsapp Business is only for the Basic and Pro plans.

Yes and we recommend doing the migration, because the old plans do not give access to part of Whatsapp and Bots.

Both Nvoip and Meta give the first 1000 sessions (24h period from the beginning of the message) for free to all accounts. From this limit, you will pay directly to Meta the amount corresponding to the type of session and a fixed amount regardless of the type of session to Nvoip.

From the 1000 free sessions, you will be charged an amount for the new session by Whatsapp and a value for the use of the bot.

No. In the Basic and Pro plans you have as an option the hiring of Onboarding in the amounts of R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,500 respectively.
Onboarding includes initial implementation of VoiceBot, Chatbot and Whatsapp Business tools in 4 sessions of 1h each, as well as CSM monitoring for 6 months.

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