One single chat that works on your app, website and Whatsapp.


Human and bot workflows for customer support

Provide top-notch customer service by automating initial interactions with bots and having your customer support team ready to handle more complex requests.

Get real-time reports, metrics, and insights.

A dashboard with a 360-degree view of your customer service, support, and sales operations. Monitor the performance of each branch, department, sub-department, and employee in real-time with reports, metrics, and insights.


Transcribe your audio recordings

Are you chatting with a customer on WhatsApp and they send you an audio message? Easily transcribe the audio into text to better understand the conversation with Nvoip.

Internal communication tool

During the customer service, questions often arise that need to be clarified with colleagues, right?

The internal communicator is completely free and helps you chat in groups or in private conversations with your team.


Call queues

Don’t leave your customer waiting without knowing when they will be served. With queues, your customer knows exactly when they will be attended to.

The chat for your website is free and adding WhatsApp and bots costs less than you might think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use the chat on your website or app completely free. Only some management functions are limited in this version.

Yes. Our chat works on any platform, including WordPress.

Yes. Just like the website chat, the internal communicator is also free and you can use it to communicate with your team, regardless of using other features.

No, the free plan does not include chatbot and WhatsApp features. To see the features of each plan, please visit the plans page plans page.

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