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Tenha controle de tudo através da plataforma de telefonia da Nvoip

Keep track of your calls

Did you know that you can have complete control of how much you spend on your telephony? Yes! And in addition, with our smart dashboard, you still generate reports with detailed information about each of your calls. Oh, and if you need access to the recordings of the calls, they are one-click. Thus, you guarantee the quality of customer service.
Pra ter mais mobilidade, use a telefonia VoIP.

Your telephony everywhere

Now you can talk from anywhere through Nvoip. Nothing more to be bothered in your personal number. Whether it’s from your office, from home or on the street, you speak from wherever you want. Only then do you guarantee mobility. Simply install an application on your cell phone and go out talking with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Oh, and if you need to do number portability, it’s free here!
Tenha escalabilidade na sua empresa com ajuda da telefonia VoIP.

Grow with Nvoip

You want to scale your company, do not you? And nothing better than companies that keep up with your growth. No matter if you want to add services or decrease, here is very simple because there is no bureaucracy to change plans. That’s it! So if you want to expand the presence of your company you already know that we have national coverage in more than 8000 cities in 193 countries. Are you waiting for what to leverage your company?

Mais qualidade na sua telefonia VoIP

Quality assured of calls

In addition to having control, mobility and a company that helps in its scalability, here we guarantee the quality of all your calls. We only use high performance CLI and ITX routes. Our support is proactive with 24h monitoring.
Facilidade pra usar a telefonia VoIP

Revolutionize your telephony

We want to revolutionize and facilitate the communication of your company, so no bureaucracy here. The activation of services is immediate because the present world does not stop and neither do you. Plus, you make sure you only pay for what you use with prepaid, penalty-free and non-fidelity payment. All this, provided through an intuitive and intelligent platform to guarantee your autonomy and comfort.

Several reasons for you to change your telephony to Nvoip

Receive Calls

Get calls through a geographic, TollFree or Shared Cost numbers. You choose the country, type and even the city of your virtual number.

Make calls

Call the world with cheap rates and high quality routes.

Integrate your telephony

Through our API, you can integrate your system with Nvoip and gain incredible advantages.

Nvoip will revolutionize the telephony of your company

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