Voice and SMS API

What is API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of instructions that enable the integration between two systems.

With the Nvoip API, you make calls, send SMS, Voice Message and more.

What can I do with the API?

No additional costs

Pay only for calls and SMS. The use of the API is free.

Develop, create and integrate.

Develop apps that use voice and SMS to enhance your business or to create new products.

Our API Voice and SMS is compatible with any language.
Integrate with systems in Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, etc … or with your iOS and Android apps.

Clone on us GitHub

Compatible with all programming languages

Use Cases

Start developing now

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Receive calls from all over the world through our virtual numbers.


Have local virtual numbers from over 8000 locations worldwide. We are the leader coverage area on Brazil.
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Make calls to whoever you want, wherever you want.


Add credits to your account to call worldwide. The more credits you enter, the cheaper the call is.
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TollFree and SharedCost

Your customer calls you at no charge.

Tollfree and Shared Cost

Build customer loyalty by providing a completely free customer service channel. He talks for free and you only pay a small amount per minute.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To use the API you pay nothing but the voice and SMS features you use. Example: To make calls through your app, you only pay for the call you make, as if you were using our webphone.

Yes. Our API is designed so that any programming language can send requests and receive responses.

Sign in to your account at https://painel.nvoip.com and click Settings.

Yes. When you register, you earn BRL5.00 to make calls and send SMS.