Tollfree and Shared Cost Brazil

National Number options for full area coverage on Brazil

Free calls to your customer
more sales for your business

Most people prefer to call companies that offer free or local calls. Plus, having a national number makes your brand look more reliable.

Tollfree or Shared Cost, you choose

With an Brazil Tollfree, you assume 100% of the call costs. The call is 100% free to your customer. Already with a Brazil Shared Cost, your customer pays a local call, no matter what city they are in.

Port in TollFree for free

Need to keep your Brazil Tollfree number but want to enjoy the features that only Nvoip offers you?
You can port in brazil tollfree number to Nvoip for free.

Get your call on your computer, mobile phone, IP phone, landline or direct to your IP PBX.

You choose where you want to receive calls


Choose the right number and plan for your business. Whichever one you choose, the higher your monthly commitment, the lower the cost per minute you will pay.


Tollfree Startup

For you who are starting to expand your business
BRL 99 monthly
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Landline Rate: BRL0.30/min
  • Mobile Rate: BRL0.80/min
  • Activation Fee: BRL99
  • Billing 60/60

Tollfree Business

For when your business is pulling
BRL 299 monthly
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Landline Rate: BRL0.25/min
  • Mobile Rate: BRL0.60/min
  • Activation Fee: BRL99
  • Billing 60/60

Tollfree Enterprise

For companies that are already in turbo mode.
BRL 499 monthly
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Landline Rate: BRL0.20/min
  • Mobile Rate: BRL0.45/min
  • Activation Fee: BRL99
  • Billing 60/60

Tollfree Plus

For call centers and companies with good call flow
BRL 1000 monthly
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Landline Rate: BRL0.15/min
  • Mobile Rate: BRL0.30/min
  • Activation Fee: BRL99
  • Billing 60/60

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Frequently Asked Questions

To perform Brazil Tollfree portin to Nvoip, you must send us the documents that prove the ownership of the number (CNPJ / CPF and last invoice or account), as well as a document authorizing us to request such portability. After that, we will make a feasibility consultation and if everything is correct, from 5 to 10 business days the number will be ported. Contact our team for more information.

Yes. We do not charge you any fees to make your current carrier number portability to Nvoip, regardless of whether it is conventional or VoIP telephony. You only pay the relevant plan amounts. There is also no minimum period to stay with us after a portability. You can cancel or go to another carrier at any time.

Yes. The service activation fee for TollFree Brazil and SharedCost Brazil is BRL99.

Yes. At Toll free Brazil and Shared Cost Brazil you pay to receive calls. The rates are according to the chosen plan. Increasing the value of the plan, the less you pay in the fare. At Tollfree, the tariff is differentiated only between fixed and mobile, regardless of the city of origin of the connection. In Shared Cost there is no difference, you pay a flat rate, both fixed and mobile.

Both Toll Free and Shared Cost allow unlimited simultaneous calls as long as you have enough credits to receive calls. By default, when you buy your number, it will come with 100 simultaneous calls, but there is no additional cost to increase. To increase this number, please contact our team.

You can unsubscribe at any time. There is no faithfulness. Just contact our team and request cancellation. After canceling, the number is active until the end of the contracted period. In the case of migration, it is done after compensation of the migration payment.